YNS-210 Series

This product is designed for reduce 24 VDC input to 12 VDC output. The product efficiency is %85. Provide full-time desired power. For the minimum loss, PWM technology based on the product architecture. Generally this product used for vehicles which have 24 VDC battery voltage to power teyp,amplifier or video.


Technical Specifications;


PWM technology is based on
Wide input voltage range for vehicle battery voltage change
Full-time desired output power uninterrupted
High efficiency %85
Low output ripple voltage 100 mV p-p @ 10 A
Protection for short circuit,high current and wrong connection
Optional back-up output for radio memory(optional)((12 VDC - 0,1 A))
Resistance to dust and vibration
Working under large ranges of temperature and humidity (-40’C ….85’C)
Aluminum body