YBS-120 Series

This module designed for controlling step of the busses. By the help of the MCU controlled design, many features can be add and change. For standart module, the step position can be detect from current level of the step driver motor. Also time limit added for safety operations.


Technical Specifications;


Allows retracting the step when starting the engine and if the door is opened and closed.
There is no need to limiting switches. Step module detect the step position from current level.
The step opening and closing time limited for understanding to step opened or closed fully.
When the ignition contact is closed, the step do not open or close.
Warning buzzer warn when the step is closing
When the vehicle speed reach the desired speed, the step closed automatically.
Current can be adjust for different type step driver motors.
Resistance to dust and vibration
Working under large ranges of temperature and humidity (-10’C ….50’C)
ABS body